quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2008

Condicionamento Mental

Raining the brain

The final element needed to help turn a weakness into strength is
psychological: How do you view yourself in each of the three
disciplines of a triathlon? Many people can perform the training to
address their weakness, yet they hold onto a past image of themselves
not being good at a particular sport. Transform this image. Tell
yourself over and over that you are a fast runner, cyclist and swimmer.

While it’s unlikely that any one of us will become the next Ian Thorpe, Lance Armstrong or Joan Benoit, we can take the images of how the best in each sport moves and see ourselves moving with that same grace. Watch world-class competitions in each of the single sports. See how these athletes move their bodies. Now feel that same efficiency inside your own body. It doesn’t matter if you actually look like that when you swim, bike and run. It does make a difference in your efficiency, however, when you feel that same motion happening in your movements.
This is what will take the technical training and bring it to life in your racing so your weaknesses become strengths and your strengths continue to be something you can count on.
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